Baseball is such a big part of my life, that it often seeps into my dreams. I’m sure this happens to most of you on MLBlogs. Sometimes these dreams are pleasant and sometimes they come in the form of nightmares…and sometimes they are so weird they fit neither category.

A couple years ago, I had one of those dreams that is simply unexplainable.

It started at a Broncos game, I was sitting in the front row of the south stands, having a great time. The Broncos, of course, were winning. For some reason Nate Jackson (former Bronco, got cut this off-season by the new coach) comes up to me with my favorite Bronco Tony Scheffler. They invite me to go to dinner with them. Of course I say yes. I mean, who WOULDN’T say yes? So we get in a car and drive and I see they have taken me to…


Dream-Katie seems to think this is awesome and appreciates the free value meal. Now here’s where this dream becomes Rockies related. Midway through eating Clint Barmes and Brad Hawpe storm into the McDonald’s and they look pissed. (Am I allowed to say pissed?) I mean, Hawper has tears streaming down his face and he yells “KATIE HOW COULD YOU??!!” Barmes has a bat in his hand and the rest of the Rockies storm in, in full uniform…all with bats.

Now here’s where it gets really intersting. Like 15 more Broncos players are now in the McDonald’s. How they got there was never explained. Rod Smith is apparantly the leader of the pack and he declares “war” between the two teams and a full on rumble occurs. I’m just wondering where Ponyboy was in this whole thing because it was a serious Greasers vs. Socs kinda scene.

But in the end, the Rockies won. Then I woke up.

Now, why did I just write out that whole strange and somewhat embarassing dream? Because for the past two or three nights I’ve been dreaming of nothing but baseball. And mainly, terrible scenarios involving the DL. Taylor Buchholz’s right arm actually fell off at the elbow the other night and I woke up in a cold sweat. I can only hope that these dreams are caused by stress at school and NOT premonitions of things to come.

So, back to some actual baseball news. Venezuela SMASHED Italy today so it looks like the USA is going to face them on Wednesday. Part of me is happy, part of me is feeling bummed for Italy. But I enjoyed the USA/Venezuela game so much it will be nice to play them again. Plus, more Big Cat in the dugout.

The Rockies were also pretty smashing today against the A’s. It was pretty much the day of the doubles since all the big hits were 2-bags. Holliday’s bat wasn’t silenced but it wasn’t powerful, which makes me happy. But I do feel weird with him not in purple pinstripes, but I suppose I will get used to it.

Chris Iannetta and Team USA

I can’t believe how much I really enjoyed watching the USA beat Venezuela last night in the WBC. I turned it on expecting it to excite me as much as the All-Star game, but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually felt emotionally invested in the game and the outcome, which was awesome. Especially since this is the first baseball I’ve watched in months, it was nice to see some action.


I don’t even know where to begin about how excited I was to see Chris Iannetta play so well. When he hit that bases-clearing double I honestly was jumping up and down. It was SO clutch, and pretty much the coolest baseball related thing I have seen in a LONG time. It has been a VERY long off season to say the least. I really enjoyed seeing Andres Galarraga in the Venezuelan dugout as well, I love that guy forever and for always. 🙂

I’m really in love with the WBC. I think its exciting and I like being able to watch pretty much any matchup and see a player I know. Plus, I get to watch some baseball before April and that is ALWAYS a good thing. I also feel like all the guys are having a good time playing, which makes me enjoy watching it. The only thing that I’m not a fan of is the bracket because I don’t understand it, but that is solely my fault, I never understand such things.

In other news, I’m really pleased to hear that Todd Helton hit a home run in his first at-bat of the Spring. That REALLY excites me, I hope he can stay healthy this season, I really dread the day that he retires, so every second we have of him playing is a good thing. I’m also happy that Greg Reynolds was pretty successfull on the mound, I really root for him to do well, there is SO much potential there.

One more thing.This is a random thought, but I LOVE that commercial for the new MLB video game with Tim Lincecum, especially the bit with Randy Johnson. Maybe I’m easily amused but it made me laugh.

Picture from: http://www.daylife.com

I Fail

I am terrible at keeping this updated, but school is SO busy! I am glad that the Rockies finally got some spring wins under their belts! And Barmes did REALLY well today going 4-4 at the plate.

On a previous post someone commented asking what sports my brother plays. I actually have two brothers…the older of the two plays football, baseball and basketball. He is a tight end in football and he pitches in baseball. Don’t ask me about basketball because I don’t know. 😀 He is signed to play football at Western State. He has to have surgery on his shoulder so he is going to res shirt as a freshman.The younger of the two plays football and lacrosse. He is an offensive lineman and a goalie.

So, hopefully I will update this soon, but school is so busy! Spring break is the week after next and I was hoping to get to Arizona but I can’t afford it this year. Oh well someday!

About Me: An Introduction to MLBlogs

I’ve written a couple entries on here, without much of an introduction of who I am, so I am going to go ahead and do that now.

My name is Katie and I am a student at the University of Wyoming, my major is Secondary Education with a focus in English. I love to read and write and have always found comfort in these activities. I read about three books a week, it is my favorite hobby , second only to watching baseball. I also really enjoy listening to music, but I suppose most people do. I like country first and foremost but I listen to pretty much everything. My favorite TV show is The Office. I also love Travel Channel.

I grew up in Colorado just north of Denver and I still live there in the summers. I obviously love baseball and the Colorado Rockies. I also enjoy watching football, my favorite team is the Denver Broncos and I love the Wyoming Cowboys. My little brother just signed a letter of intent to play for the Western State Mountaineers so I will be rooting for them now too. I like most other sports, but I can’t give them as much attention as I do baseball.

As I wrote about earlier, my favorite Rockies player is Clint Barmes. My second favorite player is Taylor Buchholz and my favorite all-time Rockies player is Andres Galarraga. I also really like James Loney of the Dodgers and of course Roy Halladay since he went to my brother’s high school. I really don’t like the Padres, or any team from San Diego. I prefer the Yankees to the Red Sox and I don’t like the Cubs after an encounter I had with some of their fans at Coors Field.

I like when bench clearing brawls happen, which most people find weird. I love to collect autographs even though I don’t have that many. I love the Blue Cheese Chips at Coors Field. I love the way Coors Field smells. I’ve never been to Spring Training and I think that sucks.

I have no idea what else to say. 🙂

Francis near decision – The Denver Post, and More!


Well, at least we won’t have to wait much longer to know if Francis will be able to pitch for us this season. I’m nervous to find out for sure, but I have a feeling the news won’t be good. But maybe this injury is a blessing in disguise…maybe we shouldn’t tempt fate by throwing Jeff into the rotation when he isn’t perfectly healthy. He can have the surgery as soon as possible, and according to some reports, possibly be back in September. And I would rather have a completely healthy Francis next season than have him pitching hurt this season.

As much as I would miss Jeff I think we have enough options for the rotation to go on without him. I find myself really hoping that Jason Hirsh wins a spot in the rotation, I remember when we traded Jason Jennings I knew nothing about the two pitchers we got in the deal. Hirsh immediately impressed me(it took a bit longer for me to like Buchholz, but now he is one of my favorites), and I won’t ever forget Jason pitching on a broken leg. I was at that game, and I remember you could actually hear the sound of ball-on-bone…and I was shocked he kept going.That was studly to say the least. I wouldn’t mind Josh Fogg winning the spot either, but we’re going to have to see how the spring plays out. Its kinda nice to know that we have some depth, at least for now, in the rotation.

On another note, am I the only one who finds it odd that Torrealba still hasn’t reported to Spring Training? I know he is dealing with family issues in Venezuela, but it seems like he has had more than enough time to get to work. Jason Grilli, whose Grandmother passed away, reported yesterday. Maybe Yorvit will be there today. I hope that everything is going okay with him.

I’m going to make a small introductory post after this, I must say I am enjoying my time here on MLB blogs!

My Thoughts on A-Rod

Well, A-Rod’s steroid use is the popular topic right now, so I guess I will go ahead and share my thoughts with the blogging world.

First, I need to make it clear that I am a fan of A-Rod, I have always liked him and I think he is a great player. What he does off the field is not my concern, unless it affects his play. So that means I could care less if he cheats on his wife and wants to date Madonna. Or whatever the tabloids are saying about him this week. Now, I admit, that if he played for the Rockies these rumors may matter more to me, but he doesn’t so they don’t.

I honestly just feel bad for him, especially after today’s press conference. When I first heard the news, I felt hurt and angry. But now, after a lot of thought on the subject, I just feel sad. I don’t think that it is fair that he has this entire issue on his shoulders when 103 (at least!) other players are also associated with this list. I don’t think that substance abuse is an okay thing, but I don’t like the way it has been handled.

After listening to A-Rod speak today, I can’t help but feel like he was sincere in everything he said. Maybe I am too accepting and easily swayed, but something told me that he was honest in everything he said today. I think it was good that he was so open about his use, even if originally he was secretive about it to begin with. Maybe if more players spoke about their use, we could get this thing figured out.

I just wish that this would go away, but I know it won’t. I find it almost funny how much weight people, fueled by the media, put on the issue of steroid use. I don’t think its right, but people have cheated in baseball since its beginning, even if it wasn’t through steroids. Tampering with the baseball is a classic example of what I’m talking about. People seem to think that cheating has only become prevalent in baseball in recent decades. (Hello! Black Sox scandal!) Cheating has always been there, and I think it will always be there, just the methods are different.

Going along with that point, I heard an interesting argument the other day about substance abuse. What about other drugs? Tons of players smoke marijuana and use cocaine. But nobody is out collecting a list of those names. And even more interesting was the subject of alcohol during prohibition. You know ball players were drinking when it was against the law.

And concerning the Hall of Fame, I think it would be a shame if A-Rod was not in it someday. He belongs there and everyone knows it. Steroids can only do so much to increase the ability of a player. I couldn’t take them and become a player equal to A-Rod. Many players couldn’t be as good as A-rod if they took every substance out there. A-Rod would be A-Rod with or without his use. Plus, he used them BEFORE they were outlawed in major league baseball. I just think that in 40 years people won’t care about the steroids, there will be another issue we are all talking about. He deserves to be in the HOF. I think it would be a robbery for him not to be.

As a fan of baseball, I would much rather not think about steroid use and just pretend that they don’t exist. So many people say that this has ruined baseball for them, but it hasn’t and won’t ruin it for me. It takes the joy out of baseball thinking about all the negative things that happen, especially when so many positive things happen everyday. 

I Forgot…

I forgot that I made this blog! That is why there is only one, very stupid, entry on here.

It has been about a year since I signed in here, and I feel kind of bad about that, because I did make this blog with good intentions.

Anyway, I suppose now is a fine time to start writing in here since Spring Training is now under way! I am very excited about this, it has been a very long off season and a long semester of school. I think baseball is just the medicine I need to get me through the rest of the school year.

Not much news is coming out of Tucson just yet, but it is nice to know that the players are together and thinking about baseball.

I’m really looking forward to this spring, I am very curious to see what will happen concerning Ian Stewart. I feel like it is important to get him on the roster, but at the same time I don’t know where to put him. I like the idea of Seth Smith in left, and of course I like Garrett Atkins at third. But with Helton’s back maybe its best to keep Stewart on the bench. It would be pretty cool to see if Steward can adjust to left. It is all very exciting.

My biggest concern this Spring Training is the rotation. I am so sad about Jeff Francis, I really hope he doesn’t need surgery, but I almost feel like it is inevitable. I think it would be pretty cool if Jason Hirsh could win a spot, or Josh Fogg. I like both of those guys and will be rooting for their success.

Alright, one last comment before I go (I do have a Biology test to study for…dang). I think that Brad Hawpe will be the stand out player this season. Just a small prediction, I hope that I am right. 😀


My Favorite Player…

product_image.php.gifWe all have our favorite ball player. That one player that you will
always love and always cheer for, no matter what team they are playing
for, even if they get traded to a division rival that you can’t imagine
ever cheering for. Some of us have a loyalty to an amazingly great
athlete like A-Rod or Derek Jeter. Some of us become faithful fans of a
hometown hero like Todd Helton. Then there are those of us who remain
always loyal to the underdog. The one player that seems to remain in
this limbo between Triple A and the Big leagues for years and
years…the player that you always root for to get a call-up or to make
the team, even when you know there isn’t much of a chance.

I am a fan of one of those players.

Clint Barmes started his career with a high note…he was probably the
best candidate for Rookie of the year in 2003 before he broke his collar
bone in what the Rockies announcers like to call “the deer meat
incident.” After the injury Barmes stayed the starting short stop for
the Rockies until Troy Tulowitzki beat him out in
Spring Training. I remember crying when this happened, I knew that
there was no way that Clint, with his slumping bat, was going to beat
Tulo. But I cheered him on anyway, I followed every spring training
game, praying that he would somehow regain his old form and win the
job. He didn’t. Clint started the season in AAA-Colorado Springs. I
didn’t know what to do with myself, my favorite player was now in
AAA….and I was feeling lost.

Eventually, I learned to deal with not seeing Clint play on a regular
basis. He was called up a few times throughout the season and I always
found a way to listen to a Sky Sox game on the radio. I even learned to
love Troy Tulowitzki and became thankful that we had such a talent on
our roster, even if it meant my favorite player wasn’t there. When it
comes down to it, I am a Rockies fan after all.

The season was obviously an amazing one for the Colorado Rockies, but
it was also a great one for Clint Barmes in the Springs. He regained
his old hitting form and kept his great defensive skills sharp. He was even chosen to play in the AAA All-Star game. When he
got called up to play in the series against the Cubs at the end of the
regular season, I rushed to get tickets. I had to see him play, even if
it was simply to pinch hit or pinch run. I got to Coors Field 2 hours
early, like I usually do…and I was able to get my Barmes jersey
signed. Clint was so nice to me that day, he actually had a
conversation with me, the details of it all now erased with time. But I
remember telling him that he was my favorite player and how much I
loved him play. He smiled big, its good to know that even the underdogs
have their biggest fans.

I now have my favorite piece of Rockies memorobilia — my signed and
framed Barmes jersey — hanging in my bedroom, proudly on display for
anyone who wants to see it. He may not be a big name, he may only be a
utility man, but he is, and will always be my favorite player. I am
especially happy this season, to see him on the Opening Day roster for
the Colorado Rockies, once again wearing #12.